Motorcycle performance exhausts are one of the most important upgrades you can make to your sportbike. It may seem like a small change, but it has a huge impact on how your bike performs and sounds. With so many options out there, picking the right exhaust for you is not always easy. To help make this decision easier, we have put together a list of some popular motorcycle performance exhausts that will fit your needs!

Toce Performance Exhausts

The Toce Performance exhausts are beautifully designed and produce a sound that has been described as “wickedly intoxicating”. They can be found all over the world, but you will not find them in your local bike store.

The Toce Performance exhausts are a perfect example of what makes the motorcycle community so special. The name alone is enough to bring you joy and make your heart race with anticipation for the next ride! Not only does every single product leave visitors admiring their sleek style, but also leaves them speechless at how incredible it sounds when revving up on that open road. Sometimes people find themselves staring hard down Main Street just waiting for one glimpse of these beauties in motion; they’re like the fireworks-every time you see them again, there’s something new about them that catches your eye more than before!

Sadly, Toce Performance exhausts are starting to be copied by Chinese manufacturers. The authentic versions of their pipes have an unmistakable design that you can’t help but stare at while walking past them in a motorcycle showroom.

Scorpion Performance Exhausts

The world’s number one exhaust manufacturer, Scorpion Exhausts has a wide range of performance products that is sure to make your engine purr. They also offer some great installation tips and videos on their website so you can have the best experience installing your new system!

If you follow our company on Social Media then you will see how often we promote Scorpion Exhausts because they are indeed voted among the top ten exhaust suppliers in the world. Fantastic “Red Power” brand is a serious consideration for anyone looking for an upgrade with style, but don’t forget about checking out Scorpions Racing Store or browsing deeper into our site where visitors can find all scorpion-related materials here from slip-ons to full systems in both street legal and drag.

Look out for products such as the RP1 and the Serket exhausts systems for some serious power designed in style with cutting edge and mind-blowing technology. You just have to listen to one of the bad boys to truly appreciate the level of design and manufacture that goes into each exhaust.

Brocks Performance Exhausts

Brocks Performance is quite simply associated with speed – This is a brand that you purchase if you want to go faster with some pretty neat designs on offer whilst you are at it. Brocks design a wide or vast array of different exhaust options including full systems and slip-on’s for most model sportbikes. I highly recommend this brand as I have seen what one of the weapons can do for your performance. Our customers are always taken away with slight amazement due to the performance and sound provided through installing a Brocks Performance exhaust system. I suggest checking out the Brocks Performance Home page and also clicking here for more info.


Speedpro Cobra Performance slip on’s


Speedpro Cobra is a German-based powerhouse brand that dabbles in all sorts of motorcycle parts and accessories. The Cobra Performance range also includes slip-ons for most sportbike models which are especially popular on the European market, where these exhausts really do well. I would recommend checking out either their Home page or this link here to see more information about the different types they offer for your bike! Personally of looking for some great design combined with German precision engineering then this may be an exciting brand for you to take a look at further. None of the brands listed is of any sort of inferior quality so best to investigate each brand on an individual level for the complete satisfaction of mind.

So rounding it up we feel that just from the above 3 Brands you should have a great and most of all unique selection of different exhaust options that you may consider when purchasing your new upgrade. Just remember that Roxstar Performance acts as an official dealer for all products listed in this article and would therefore really enjoy doing business with you should you have any further requirements.


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