A deep passion for custom bikes!

This post covers everything to do with custom motorcycles. If you are a custom bike fan, then you will enjoy the upcoming piece of content. In this post, we are going to be looking at various areas of the custom motorbike industry

We will also look at a few interesting topics, such as custom motorcycle exhausts and the custom sportbike and Harley Davidson industry.

We will be covering the following areas of interest

  • International custom motorbike scene 
  • The custom sportbike industry
  • We look at trying to determine why the sportbike custom industry is dying.
  • Overview of custom motorbike exhausts
  • We provide a round-up that includes the best resources for custom motorbike parts.

At Roxstar Performance, we love our custom bikes from Cafe racers, Harley Davidson, or custom sportbikes. We have deep industry knowledge of the custom scene.

To briefly give you some insight. Roxstar has been at the forefront concerning custom parts within South Africa for nearly 20 years. Our specialty is importing custom motorcycle products from all over the world into South Africa. We regularly enjoy supplying wide tire kits for Harley Davidson and sportbike motorcycles and have been actively involved in the industry since 2007.

International Custom bike Scene

The custom motorbike scene has experienced massive growth over the past couple of years. We predict that this will continue to be the trend for some time, with the rise of the cafe racer scene adding renewed interest in the general custom motorbike industry as a whole.

From London to South Africa to Tokyo, we have seen a massive rise in custom motorcycle builders sprouting up all over. We certainly do hope that this trend continues and does not become one dominated by extremely high prices. 

Just on a side note, custom parts, especially for your newer model Harley Davidson and Sportbikes, are not cheap. So be prepared to deal out a big sum of cash if looking to customize a newer motorcycle in 2021.

There has been a massive cultural movement that has seen the rebirth of the custom scene globally. Nowadays, it’s seen as the “in thing” to showcase your custom ride. Through social media and with the likes of marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter alongside Pinterest, to name a few. 

To get an appraisal or recognition for your custom bike creation and your money well spent has never been easier in the form of likes and hearts from friends via social media.

The internet has indeed changed the face of the game entirely. No longer do we need to go scratching in backyards and dodgy places to find custom parts. These days you can find whatever you need with the help of a computer and a mouse. 

Google has become your new best friend if you are into building customized bikes. Let us not forget entirely about old traditional ways of hunting down custom parts. There is still much value in getting in your car and going searching. It just requires a different type of mindset and enthusiasm.

These days it seems as though celebrities have also joined the custom bandwagon. Popular stars such as keeuno Reeves, Brad Pit, and David Beckham ride around on some beautiful two-wheel machines. With this kind of endorsement, we certainly hope to see further growth and expansion within the industry in years to come.

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Custom Sportbike Industry: Is it a dying industry, or does it still have some life?

The custom Sportbike industry started to take shape back in 2005 / 2006. I would say that today the sportbike custom scene is not as prominent as it was back when we started. 

The original custom parts that revolutionized the industry were the 240, 300, and 330 big wheel kits which hit the industry with a huge bang. 

Everyone wanted to exchange handling for the looks and visual appeal that the big wheel kits provided. Seriously though, these kits were popular, and magazines like Super street bike were focused entirely on this niche area of the market.

Bikes such as the Suzuki Hayabusa and Kawasaki ZX14 became iconic. Down in Florida, the scene was massive, and everyone wanted to put a wide tire conversion kit onto their bike. Roxstar performance was the first to bring sportbike big wheel kits into South Africa. 

We loved the concept, but there was one huge downside – The price as the 240 and 300 wide tire kits were costly, which meant that we did not sell many. 

Today, people have reverted to a more cafe-racer-looking custom sportbike that handles and provides performance and functionality. The trend towards the wide rear has tapered off. You can still definitely purchase a kit, and the parts are still very much available. 

Roaring Toyz down in Florida is considered the number one supplier and manufacturer of custom sportbike parts. Roxstar has had a strong and quality business relationship with Roaring Toyz since 2007.

custom harley davidson

Roaring Toyz custom motorcycles

Roaring Toyz is quite simply an industry leader when it comes to custom motorcycles. Roaring Toyz was an innovator in the big wheel kit craze that first appeared on the custom bike scene about 20 years ago. To this day, Roaring Toyz remains a leader in custom parts manufacturing and supply and design and fabrication.

Roxstar performance has been the leading supplier for Roaring Toyz for many years. We take pride in being the sole supplier of Roaring Toyz custom motorcycle parts throughout Southern Africa. Roaring Toyz now has an extensive product range that caters to Sportbike and V Twin. 

I would encourage anyone interested in customizing their motorcycle to look at the official Roaring Toyz Website – Roaring Toyz. Also, be sure to check out our official Roaring Toyz page for further information on this super exciting brand and all they have to offer!

Roaring Toyz – An industry leader | Transforming the custom bike Industry

Having been featured throughout dozens of National and International magazines and Television shows, Roaring Toyz has received good fame and fortune. Roaring Toyz manufactures and supplies cutting-edge CNC-designed and fabricated products from 240/300 and 330 big wheel kits to smaller custom items such as grips and levers to fit most modern superbikes. Roaring Toyz will generally tend to have something that will more than likely grab most bike owner’s attention. 

Roaring Toyz claims to have distinguished themselves in being the industry first to have developed high-speed and radical rolling art pieces. For two decades, they have dominated the custom motorcycle scene by staying focused on producing aftermarket parts that hold quality and performance in the highest regard.

Check out the Roaring Toyz official Website for further information.

Suzuki hayabusa custom motorbike

RC Components custom motorcycle accessories

RC Components is a brand that is synonymous with custom motorbikes and parts manufacturing within the USA. The RC Components brand is a huge powerhouse brand within the USA and international custom motorbike market. 

Roxstar supplies all RC Components products. RC Components focuses on the manufacture and supply of amazing custom wheels and custom accessory parts and components for Harley Davidson motorcycles. 

We highly recommend this brand if you are looking to customize your motorcycle. Check out additional information at the RC Components website – RC Components.

 RC Components has over 10000 dealerships located throughout the world, which sure is a substantial number. The RC Components brand is known for innovative wheel designs, quality, and an un-matched 7-year chrome warranty. 

RC Components believe that quality starts on the inside. For this reason, for over 20 years, they have been considered an industry leader in the custom motorcycle wheels and accessory industry throughout the world. 

RC Components introduced the first billet aluminum wheel, matching pulleys, and rotors and have championed the industry with unique styles and designs. 

RC Components offer direct drive, cush drive, and more shaft drive metric applications than any other wheel company. They control the process and do not try and outsource the machining, polishing, or chroming of your wheel. 

RC Components use state-of-the-art CNC machines to cut the designs to exacting standards, then hand polish each wheel. They then use a multi-step nickel chroming process, providing the highest corrosion resistance. RC uses a hexavalent chrome to top things off, providing the most brilliant finish possible with no tints of yellows. Better finish, better looks, better durability. Their process and their people are what set them apart from any other wheel manufacture.

Also, be sure to check out our official RC Components page. 

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Performance Machine custom motorcycles

Performance Machine is another excellent custom motorcycle brand that caters to the Harley Davidson / Sportbike and Metric Cruiser market. Roxstar had been a supplier of Performance machine motorcycle products and accessories since our beginning in 2007. 

Performance Machine is world-famous for its custom wheels and custom motorcycle accessory products. 

Performance machine are in the USA, and the quality of their custom parts and wheels is simply excellent. For more information on performance machine custom motorcycles, please see our official Performance Machine page. Also, be sure to check out the official performance machine website – https://www.performancemachine.com/.

Performance Machine is the leading manufacturer of motorcycle wheelsbrake systemscontrols, and accessoriesPerformance Machine premium products will open your mind to customization, providing you with the inspiration to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art that reflect your personality.

Innovation is at Performance Machine’s core, encompassing quality, style, and function supported by superior design, steadfast engineering, and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

PM brands support the industry by continually introducing new brands and products to the custom market to suit your needs and desires. These brands support the freedom of the motorcycle lifestyle. 

“Style is king, but quality and function are never compromised.” Performance Machine brands provide the vision for self-expression that you seek within the motorcycle lifestyle. They understand how it feels to stand in front of a stock motorcycle and see the potential to turn it into something spectacular. “We support your dream of turning heads at a stoplight.” – Performance Machine.

performance machine motorcycle parts


No-Limit-Customs is an amazing custom Bike powerhouse based out of Germany. They have been responsible for some of the most insane and awesome-looking custom Harley Davidson motorcycles to have ever been built. 

This powerhouse brand is world-famous and recognized in many premium magazines, websites, and television shows. No-Limit-Customs has many years of experience, competence, and total commitment, distinguishing every team member. No-Limit-Customs has one common goal: Perfection and quality made in Germany.

“We are independent and have concrete ideas about how we develop our products and vehicles. They have to meet the high demands we place ourselves every day. It’s about qualityfunctionality, and of course, fascination. All that is important.” – Stated in their company philosophy which is on their website.

No-Limit-Customs sets the standards in the customization of motorcycles for the Harley Davidson Brand.

No-Limit-Custom supplies and manufactures innovative motorcycles and accessories. They are equipped with the best machines, software, and optimized processes. At 1500 square meters, ideas are put into action.

For further information on this great brand, we seriously advise you to look at their actual website – https://www.nlc-harley.de/en/.

no-limits-customs motorbike and harley davidson

Custom exhausts

Roxstar Performance specializes in custom exhausts for most modern and even some of the older model motorcycles. We primarily focus on the following criteria

  • Harley Davidson
  • Metric Cruiser
  • Sportbike
  • Adventure Touring

Characteristics of a Custom Exhaust

I think it’s important to note down some of the characteristics of what makes an exhaust a custom piece of art. Firstly let us start by saying that exhaust prices are far from cheap these days and I think it is necessary to break down why this is so. Exhausts are expensive for various reasons.

  1. We are using quality materials like stainless and titanium.
  2. Factors like the number of welds and bends in the material.
  3. Canisters can be cheap if the skin is aluminum, but add carbon fiber or titanium and costs go up.

The cost to develop an exhaust is spread among all the units sold. Quality exhausts developed on a dyno will cost more than just a pipe bent to fit with a can on it.

Some exhaust companies will use varying diameter tubing to get the most power, making the end product more expensive. We also need to consider the cost of importing the exhaust into a Country like Southern Africa. 

The transport costs can be simply obscene, and the customs officer loves to get hold of these large boxes and hit you with some pretty heft vat and duty amounts. 

Pitty, the supplier from the website you brought your exhaust from overseas failed to mention. Vat and duties costs are high, contributing to the overall price of your custom exhaust. 


Custom Built Harley Davidson Exhausts

Custom-built Harley Davidson exhausts are handcrafted custom exhausts.

The brands below that we have selected follow a perfect custom design process. Most riders will begin their journey into the custom world by changing the standard exhaust pipe.

The standard OEM exhaust leaves you begging for more hp and torque. This has been a great thing for the custom exhaust industry, referred to as the aftermarket exhaust industry. 

Standard pipes are heavily restricted, resulting in a reduction in hp and torque and a terrible sound. The result of replacing your standard pipes is that you will get a better performing and sounding motorcycle and give your motorcycle a new look.

Bassani Exhausts

Bassani Exhausts feature some seriously sleek designs, and I am going to mention which design I recommend. The Bassani Road Rage 2 is simply sublime. Producing an amazing sound and when combined with good looks, this exhaust will get heads to turn. As an added benefit, you will receive a much more responsive and powerful Harley Davidson than the standard OEM pipes; the Bassani Road Rage 2 is night and day!

Bassani Road Rage 2Bassani Exhausts for custom bikesFeatures

  • 2-into-1 equal-length headers
  • Stepped 1-3/4″ to 1-7/8″ head pipes
  • Utilizes an advanced inner collector for maximum performance
  • Mild Steel Construction
  • Full Coverage Heat Shields
  • Megaphone muffler
  • Fits 2018-2020 Breakout, 2018-2020 Fat Boy or 2020 FXDR
  • 18mm O2 Bungs with 12mm adapaters
  • Made in the USA.

Vance and Hines

I would not be doing justice if I were not to mention the Vance and Hines Brand, so I have selected a design from Vance and Hines that I feel is their most custom-designed exhaust.

Best Sellers and trending products by Vance and Hines

Vance and Hines Shortshots

A timeless classic, the clean, compact lines of Shortshots Staggered transform the Milwaukee-Eight Softail into a ready-to-go custom. With an aggressive hot rod sound and sleek one-piece full coverage heat shields, Shortshots Staggered are hands down the best value you can find in an exhaust system.

– Aggressive Hot Rod Sound

– Full Coverage Heat Shields

– Available in Chrome or Matte Black

– Two Levels of Optional Quiet Baffles Available

Vance and Hines hortshots custom exhausts

Vance and Hines Big Radius 2-2

Big Radius set the standard for a custom look with quality and perfection in style and performance. Not only do you get a quality exhaust system. You also get beautifully curved 2-1/2″ full-coverage heat shields, artistically scalloped end-tips, and blue proof show quality chrome. We didn’t stop at style and quality. Big Radius produces extra horsepower and torque delivered with a signature hotrod sound that leaves you begging for more. Big Radius is perfection in style, performance, quality, and sound.

– Custom Style with Quality Production

– Radius Curved Louvered Baffles

– Full Coverage Heat Shields

– Available in Chrome or Matte Black Finish

– Equipped With 18mm o2 Sensor Ports

Vance and hInes big radius custom exhausts

2 – into – 1 Upsweep

The Hi-Output family expands the line with an aggressively stout 2-into-1. Engineered to be a compact version of our signature stepped megaphone, the Hi-Output 2-into-1 Short is perfect for the rider that demands the performance of a 2-into-1 and the distinctive sound of the Hi-Output.

– Deep, Throaty Note

– CNC Machined Billet End Cap

– Optional Quiet Baffle

Vance and hines 2-1 custom motorcycle exhaust

Custom Sportbike Exhausts

When it comes to custom Sportbike exhausts, we are your number 1 shop for variety and choice of quality and premium exhaust brands. All our brands are international, and we primarily import. I speak about custom sportbike exhausts. I believe that all aftermarket professionally built exhausts are custom to some degree. Some may prefer to call them performance exhausts, but I will use the term custom for this post.

Speedpro Cobra
Scorpion Performance
Toce Performance exhausts
Brocks performance exhausts

Scorpion Performance Exhausts

Scorpion performance – Red Power – is a premium brand we supply. What makes these exhausts custom is that every single unit is handcrafted and hand-made for the customer order requirement over at their factory in the UK. A true pleasure to deal with, and Scorpion provides unrivaled quality and performance and style and sound. If looking for some serious power and great looks, we highly recommend this brand.

motorcycle exhaust cape town

Speedpro Cobra performance Exhausts

This brand signifies pure German precision engineering and quality. Each speedpro cobra exhaust is hand-made. They offer a wide selection of different styles for all of the latest model motorcycles. The German brand has gone out of the way to ensure that they can supply outstanding custom-designed motorcycle exhausts. Most of the designs are unique and would appeal to the type of rider seeking something different yet extremely potent.

aftermarket motorcycle exhaust parts south africa

Toce Performance Exhausts

When I think of an exhaust brand that epitomizes the word “custom,” then Toce Performance comes to mind. One has to only look at the unique design to appreciate the thought and effort required to produce such an outstanding piece of motorcycle art! Toce exhausts are the ultimate custom performance exhausts on the market. By installing one of these famous slip-on or full system exhaust pipes, you will transform the look of your bike. Toce products will also provide some serious bang for your buck! You can also expect an increase in horsepower and torque as well as massive weight savings!

Check out the official Toce Performance Exhausts website for additional information.

toce performance ducati


Brocks Performance Exhausts

Brocks is a brand that has been featured on many custom Sportbikes around the world. Their famous alien head design is well suited in terms of design for a custom sportbike. Just have a look at some of the legendary Roaring Toyz sportbikes below, and you will see that Brocks performance exhausts are their go-to brand. 

One must also note that Brocks exhausts are built for serious horsepower. By installing a Brocks slip-on or full system, you will be riding with a brand that has numerous world records on the quarter-mile. Seriously these exhausts are the real deal and provide a custom look and massive performance benefits.

performance motorcycle exhausts

Wrapping it up 

So we took a look at the custom motorcycle scene from a broad perspective. In the future, I will include more posts that take a deeper look into the custom Harley Davidson industry. It is important to note that the custom bike scene is not dead by any means. Cafe Racers continue to dominate as a sort of new-age alternative. Look out for an upcoming post where we will look into the cafe racer industry and provide additional information for you to review.

With so many different styles of custom motorbikes, it would be cool to provide you, the reader, with some inspirational websites and businesses that are setting trends. Please see below a detailed list of our top-rated custom motorcycle businesses and websites for you to draw additional inspiration.

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