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Bassani exhausts

Bassani Exhausts 101

Bassani Exhausts are an international brand made in the USA and are specialists for manufacturing Harley Davidson Exhaust pipes. Bassani exhausts are a great alternative to the saturated Vance and Hines brand if you are looking to be different from the rest of the crowd then Bassani may just in fact be the performance exhaust for your Harley Davidson. We supply Bassani and offer a 7 to 10 day lead time on any Bassani order. Our pricing is based on current exchange rate  so we always try to pass on the best possible pricing to our customers. The Bassani Road Rage 2 is a very popular exhaust and we highly recommend it. Below you will be able to find out more information on this exciting Harley Davidson exhaust.

Bassani Exhausts are a true USA made and manufactured product adhering to the highest quality in terms of manufacturing quality and product standards. Bassani makes exhausts for all popular model Harley Davidson motorcycles so whether you have a Harley Davidson Sportster or Harley Davidson Cruiser model Harely Davidson you can be sure that Bassani Exhausts will be able to help you out further,

Its always rather difficult to display the entire product range for our exhaust suppliers simply on our website as exahc brand carries hundreds upon hundreds of different style and design exhaust products for you to review and look at so for this reason we strongly advise that you take a look at the Bassani Exhausts actual homepage which is located – Bassani Exhausts

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Watch out for the following Products 

  • Road Rage 2-1 chrome megaphone muffler
  • Road Rage 2-1 black megaphone muffler
  • Road Rage 2-1 chrome straight muffler
  • Road Rage 2-1 black straight muffler
  • Road Rage 3 Stainless version
  • Road Rage 3 2 into 1 bagger edition
  • Road Rage 2-1 short system for m8 bagger in chrome
  • Road Rage 2-1 short system for m8 bagger in stainless


Bssani motorcycle exhausts
Bssani motorcycle exhausts 2

Just take a listen to enjoy the sound of one of these Road Rage 2 into 1 systems its trully music to ones ears

Bassani exhausts road rage 2

Bassani Exhaust Road Rage 2

The throatiness, the deep roar – it sets off car alarms in an underground parking lot and turns heads when you ride by. In all seriousness, the Bassani Road Rage 2 exhaust system has become a favorite across the world. With 50 years experience of building exhausts and adding performance to motorcycles and cars, the guys over at Bassani got this sh*t together and dialed in! What happens when you start up a twin-cam with a Bassani Xhaust? At idle it is not disgustingly loud, you can have a conversation without screaming… but when you twist the throttle this thing really comes to life and its a whole different story – the crack of the exhaust note is so mean. It sounds powerful, it sounds strong. The build quality is legit – all the welds are nice, the black coating across the exhaust is great, and it’s a true bolt-on kit with all parts and mounting hardware included.
Bassani performance harley davidson exhausts
bassani road rage 2-1 custom exhaust