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About the Performance Machine Brand

Roxstar Performance has been a supplier of Performance Machine products and wheels for many years. Performance Machine is a Custom wheels and motorcycle accessories manufacturer based in the USA. Performance Machine is world famous for their custom motorcycle parts and accessories. We can supply any product from the Performance Machine catalogue. Please get in touch with us for any further product information. The idea behind this page is just to let our customers know that we are able to supply Performance Machine products. For a more detailed and comprehensive look into the entire product offering from Performance machine I would highly advise you to take a look at the official Performance Machine Website.

Having dealt with the Performance Machine brand for numerous years we can truly stand by the fact that it is somewhat of a special brand in terms of the bold and at the same time minimal style designs that the have on offer with regards to their motorcycle wheels and parts.


Cost Effectiveness and pricing Considerations

At the same time one should bear in mind that being based in South Africa is always gonna put us at a major drawback in terms of cost of the Performance Machine product. Yes it true the transport rates are high and once vat and duty are thrown in on an already expensive or should we say premium brand it just begins to make the brand seem slightly excessive in price terms. The only way of seeing around this is that you pay for quality and that is very true regarding motorbike parts where quality equals safety. With most of the highest quality parts coming from overseas Brands we have to bear in mind that we will have to pay slightly more being based so far away down here in South Africa. Yes for us its also frustrating as we always like or try to achieve pricing that is reasonable but sometimes our pricing can look excessive due to all the shipping, vat and duties and then we still have to try and push through a small profit margin. For this reason heavy weight bike parts especially wheels which amount to some pretty hefty size boxes when you round up a set and put them on the cargo plane. The cost of transport just goes through the roof. Performance Machine wheels, RC Components wheels and Ridewright Spoked Wheels are all in the same boat. For this reason the custom wheels market down here in South Africa remains highly small if not invisible unlike in the USA where custom wheels are on every second bike.

– At the same time as I say the above we have not been able to source or find a local South African Motorcycle custom wheel manufacturer who can produce style or quality on the level of the major USA power house brands such as Performance Machine. Quality bike parts do carry a heft price we wont deny that.

Performance Machine Company

Performance Machine is a mega USA player in the motorcycle market owning the following 3 companies which each in their own right have enough clout to stand on their own 2 feet with proper power. Im sure you have heard of the following companies and Roxstar Performance can also supply parts from any of the following companies as well as Performance Machine – So Performance Machine consists of the following 3 companies

  1. Roland Sands Design was born in 2005 and has since cemented itself as a leader in the design of functional, aggressive, well-rounded, and aesthetically pleasing motorcycle hard parts. A licensed brand of Performance Machine, LLC., Roland and his design team control the creative and conceptual side of the product line while Performance Machine is responsible for engineering, testing, manufacturing, distribution, and warranty for all motorcycle accessories.
  2. Performance Machine : Explore more about who we are, and the brands we offer. With over 4 decades experience doing what we do, we’re pretty dang good at it by now. With the progressive level of engineering technology in our manufacturing, PM’s focus in innovation is unmatched. And with our efforts to bring you the most well rounded portfolio of products from brand to brand, there’s something for everyone.
  3. Xtreme Machine:Originally founded in 2000, Xtreme Machine is responsible for producing some of the most radical designs in the aftermarket motorcycle industry from it’s Xotic Wheels and Xccessories porfolio. Acquired by Performance Machine in 2011, Xtreme Machine now operates as a brand of PM with a premium product line that boasts alternative designs with a brand image that gets a little X like.

Performance Machine is the leading manufacturer of motorcycle wheels, brake systems, controls, and accessories. Performance Machine premium products will open your mind to customization, providing you with the inspiration to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art that reflect your personality.

Innovation is at Performance Machine’s core; encompassing quality, style, and function supported by superior design, steadfast engineering, and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

PM brands support the industry by continually introducing new brands and products to the custom market to suit your needs and desires. Performance Machine brands support the freedom of the motorcycle lifestyle. We encourage and promote individualism. It is your passion that fuels us.

Style is king, but quality and function are never compromised. Performance Machine brands provide the vision for self-expression that you seek within the motorcycle lifestyle. Performance Machine understands how it feels to stand in front of a stock motorcycle and see the potential to turn it into something spectacular. We support your dream of turning heads at a stop light.

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performance machine phat tail kits

Performance Machine PHATAIL KITS

2007, 2008-16 Standard or Driveside 2007, 2008-16 Standard with PM Primary 2000-06 5-Speed Softail Standard or Driveside 1991-99 5-Speed Softail Standard or Driveside
Phatail Wide Tire Kit
Phatial Wide Tire Kit Parts
1) Wide swingarm and rear axle assembly 2) One piece formed steel fender and billet aluminum fender struts (optional recessed billet license plate frame) 3) Billet aluminum primary spacers, gaskets and hardware 4) Extended mainshaft, front motor sprocket & final drive gear 5) Starter shaft extension and all hardware 6) All necessary hardware, spacers and gaskets 7) Detailed instruction sheet with photos of each step
The PM Phatail kit is a BOLT-ON Kit for 1991 and newer Softails that allows our 18″ x 8.5″ wheel to rest comfortably in the confines of a bone stock HD Softail frame! Includes swingarm, fender, billet struts, all necessary trans parts and detailed instructions. Available in standard brake configuration or with pre-welded tabs for the PM Driveside Brake System. PM Phatail Kits include all of the components listed below. We strongly recommend the conversion be completed by a qualified bike shop. Custom seats can be purchased from Corbin and Bitchin Seat Company. Will not work with Harley Factory Six Speed or Factory Hydraulic clutch slave on 1991-2006 Models.