Since the start of Roxstar Performance we have been supplying custom Motorcycle accessories from RC Components who are considered to be one of the premium brands when it comes to custom motorcycle accessory design and manufacture. We take pride in supplying this awesome brand to the South African marketplace. For further information on RC Components custom motorcycle accessories and products please take a look at their official website and give us a call or drop us an email should you require any RC Components products.

Most of the products that we have supplied from RC Components have been for big wheel / wide tire conversion kits for sportsbikes and some V Twin / Harley Davidson model motorcycles. Yes RC Components do make a vast selection of what can only be described as premium quality motorcycle wheels taht are designed to give your motorcycle that enhanced visual appeal over your fellow riding crew or just your friends. With the help of a set of custom RC Compoenents wheels your bike is surely gonna turn heads and get you noticed for all the right kind of reason. 

Cost Effectiveness

When we have supplied wheels from RC Components what we have found is that there is always a high cost of transport that is associated with bringing in a set of these custom wheels. Yes the wheel weigh quite a bit and when bringing in a set via airfreight which is the most viable option in terms of your time / value consideration it does push prices into what we would call premium levels – These wheels are similar to their competitor brand Performance Machine in terms of price and at the same time quality. I guess that if one had to choose it would come down to personal brand preference and brand image as well as which company produces the style of wheel that you are most wanting to install on your motorcycle. Both organizations make wheels for most Sports bike and V Twin / Harley Davidson application motorcycles – older and newer versions alike. The ranges on offer as well as the different styles really are comprehensive and diverse in terms of design and image that they create.

I would urge you to take a look at both of these Mega producers of wheels and accessories websites

RC Components

Performance Machine

I shall leave the ball in your court when deciding on a particular design that would best fall in line with your needs and what exactly it is you require in terms of image

Big Wheel Conversion Kits

A quick note on the big wheel conversion kits / wide tire conversion kits that are on offer from the likes of Roaring Toyz. Most of the time in fact 99 percent of the time the wheels for these mamoth custom motorcycles are supplied from either RC Components or from Performance Machine. This is due to both comapanies abilities to produce outstanding designs and quality wheels that compliment in true style the worlds best built custom motorcycles. So really at the end of the day its a fare assumption to say that Performance Machine and RC Components make serious quality and are the tried and trusted suppliers of the USA and International custom Motorcycle scene – no debate.


Since 1989 RC Components has been known as the premier manufacturer of motorcycle brakes serving both the aftermarket and custom bike builder. We’ve grown to over 10,000 traders worldwide in 36 nations. Our brand is known for innovative wheel layouts, quality and un-matched 7 year chrome warranty. All of our products are designed, engineered and manufactured under a single roof in Bowling Green, KY.. Quality starts on the inside, and because we control the process we control the quality. Our customer service and enthusiasm for our products and the business in which we serve is second to none. We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction with the objective of exceeding our client’s expectations and will stop at nothing to provide the best quality products for the motorcycle enthusiast of today.
RCX-haust — In 2010 we successfully launched our new RCX exhaust product lineup. When most customers have known and seen us for our wheels, many are now hearing us for our exhaust. In 2011 we expanded our product line with the Airstrike Air Cleaners and RCX-celerator fuel management system. Since then we’ve expanded our lineup even further providing you with the customization needed to fully improve your motorcycle. Whether you only need to add some audio or increase your horsepower, we encourage you to check us out. The same enthusiasm and drive for excellence that has made us the leader in bike wheels is the benchmark you can expect from RCX.


rc components custom wheels set


Quality starts on the inside and for over 20 years RC Components has been the industry leader. We provide direct drive, cush drive, and much more shaft drive metric software than any other wheel firm. We control the process and don’t try and outsource the machining, polishing, or chroming of your wheel. We utilize state of the art CNC machines to reduce the designs to exacting standards then hand polish each wheel. We then use a multi-step nickel chroming process providing the highest resistance to corrosion. To top things off, we utilize a hexavalent chrome supplying the most brilliant finish potential with no tints of yellows. Better finish…Better looks…. Better durability. We invite you to browse our catalog and join the many thousands that are riding on style now with our wheels. RC has a state-of-the-art machine shop consisting of several CNC machines that reduce volume production for many well known OE motorcycle companies as well as 1 – Away Design wheels, spinners, pulleys, rotors, and other aftermarket motorcycle parts. RC has an onsite engineering team that can take a dream and make it a reality. They use CAD Design and CAM Programming to machine prototypes of concepts dreamed up by some of RC’s employees. After finalizing the design the product is sent out for strength testing to ensure the item passes the designated security requirements. After finalizing the design the product is sent out for strength testing to make sure the product passes the designated security requirements. The new product can also be fit analyzed in-house and put on a bike for road testing. The final task before selling the product to the public would be to name it where employees in the RC get to cast there vote on the name of their new style.
rc components wheel black
rc components wheels