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A signature feature of SuperTrapp exhaust systems is the diffuser disc technology, created and patented for the XDUSOR, the first motorcycle exhaust product sold by Moller in 1971. This technology allows the rider to adapt their bike, or ATV, to a specific riding environment. This is accomplished through a series of discs with a precisely aligned diameter that form the exhaust outlet. By adding or subtracting discs, the rider can tune the powerband and sound of their machine in just a few minutes with basic hand tools.

Removing discs decreases the exhaust opening and increases backpressure. This effectively decreases the powerband to create more low-end torque. It also decreases exhaust tone and enriches carburetion.

Adding discs increases the exhaust outlet and decreases back pressure. This widens the powerband at the top end. It also increases exhaust tone and leans out carburetion.

All SuperTrapp systems come with installation instructions that indicate the recommended number of discs for each application.

Performance exhausts

About Supertrapp Performance Exhausts

SuperTrapp specializes in aftermarket performance exhaust systems designed, built and tested to exactly fit a specific model bike or ATV. This”plug and play” advantage is your assurance of getting a system fine-tuned to the intricacies of your system. We begin with a well-designed product and use the best materials, robust manufacturing processes and experienced workmanship. We believe the resources and time we spend in the development of quality, application-specific systems has increased industry standards for quality in fit, style and functionality. Our first design consideration is an increase in power output. If a system does not increase power we won’t build it. After a power increase is established, the styling of the system becomes paramount. We routinely partner with industry influencers to ascertain what appeals to consumers. Writers, dealers and distributors weigh in, in addition to our loyal racing consituency. We have also cultivated relationships with industry innovators to bring a fresh look to aftermarket exhausts, as evidenced by our Paul Yaffe and Bill Werner collaborations. Extra care is given to the finish of your exhaust system. When it’s polished aluminum, stainless steel or chrome, the end of each SuperTrapp exhaust is inspected to the highest quality standards. Different programs are then developed using a fit so accurate that your new exhaust will bolt right to the stock bike or ATV with no alterations. All SuperTrapp products come with all hardware and clear instructions for easy installation. And following such care and effort is spent on the production of each exhaust, we take extra steps to ensure that your new exhaust is delivered in excellent shape. We have worked with packaging designers to develop durable materials that will withstand all manner of shipping procedures. Most are shipped in two-part polyurethane”foamed-in-place” packaging that’s been put through a series of demanding shipping tests. Our design, construction, and testing philosophy is simple: “When it breathes air and burns fuel, we will help you squeeze every bit of functionality it’s got in it.” SuperTrapp patented tunable disc technology. SuperTrapp’s proven performance on the track has made it the norm in the racing world for decades.
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