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Roxstar Performance has been supplying aftermarket performance exhausts for a variety of different brands for numerous years. We have been involved in supplying Tab Performance throughout South Africa for roughly 7 years. Tab is unique in that they develop performance products for Harley Davidson motorcycles at a very cost effective pricing strategy which makes them extremelly attractive as an international brand. Tab Performance exhausts has some really special products that have sold exceptionally well within South Africa over the past couple of years. Some of the brands top sellers include the following products from Tab performance exhausts.   Harley-Davidson Night Rod, Street Rod, 10th Anniversary Chrome Turn Out Exhaust Pipes Harley-Davidson V-ROD Chrome Slash Cuts with Baffles Night Rod, Street Rod & 2012 Anniversary V-ROD Stage 1 Kit  V-ROD Muscle Satin Nickel Pipes – Harley-Davidson VRSCF V-ROD Muscle in satin nickel!

Harley-Davidson VRSCF V-ROD Muscle Stage 1 Kit 

DynoJet Power Vision – DynoJet Power Vision PV-1B and PV-2B ECM Flash for All Delphi ECM Harley-Davidson Models

About Tab Performance

Tab Performance exhausts main goal is to produce Harley Davidson Exhaust pipes that produce a loud growl – Get your Harley Davidson to sound like it should as well as increase horsepower and torque throughout the rev range. The standard exhaust pipes that come with  Harley Davidson simply dont cut it  – The sound is terrible and they limit the horsepower and torque that your Harley Davidson can produce. Tab performance exhausts promises to deliver that ROARING EXCITEMENT every time you twist that throttle! Tab Performance has aftermarket Harley Davidson exhaust and accessory parts for all major Harley Davidson platforms including: V Rod, Touring, Sportster, Softail, Dyna and Street. Tab also supplies aftermarket exhausts and accessories for Indian motorcycles including Scout, Chief, Chieftain, Springfield, and Roadmaster.  TAB Performance has what you need to ride every day and perform every second.


Should you have any Tab Performance product related enquiries please contact Roxstar Performance for further details and lets see how we can add some juice and power to your Harley! Call: 082 572 3914 Email: Also check out the offical TAB Performance Website    

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