Speedpro Cobra

Speedpro Cobra performance exhausts

At the centre of our work are our customers and our high-quality

COBRA motorcycle exhaust systems.

For us it is important to maintain personal contact with our customers, to create a trusting basis and to share our passion for the “motorcycle”.

For over 35 years we have put a lot of heart and soul into our work and the development, production and distribution of our COBRA motorcycle exhaust systems.

At our German facilities in M√ľnster, Westphalia, we put our expertise into our products every day so that we can continue to manufacture high-quality exhaust systems “Made in Germany” for another 35 years.

This pays off because we sell our products worldwide from Germany and Europe via the USA to Japan.

COBRA motorcycle exhaust systems stand for unique sound, individual design and performance at the highest level.

Cobra motorcycle exhausts are supplied in South Africa through Roxstar Performance. Also check out our Speedpro Cobra official page for further information on the brand

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