Cobra 4″ Chrome Slip-On Mufflers



Description for Cobra 4″ Chrome Slip-On Mufflers

Cobras award winning slip-ons for H-D Bagger Models are loved by man in the industry including real world riders alike. It’s due to Cobra being able to offer increased horsepower and torque with a more aggressive exhaust note. These 4″ muffler offers proprietary technology to prevent bluing from occurring. As the louvers in the baffle are positioned further back within the muffler, gasses have the chance to cool before leaving the silencer core making the 4″ Billet Tip slip-on mufflers virtually blue proof. 

• Adds just the right sound to your Gold Wing

• Deep and mellow with just the right note

• Simple slip-on installation and Cobra limited Lifetime warranty


Product Specs for Cobra 4″ Chrome Slip-On Mufflers

End Cap Color:Chrome
End Cap Or Tip Color:Chrome
End Cap Or Tip Material:Aluminum
End Cap Or Tip Style:Straight Cut
End Cap Or Tips Finish:Chrome
Heat Shield:Not Included
Manufacturer Part Number:1213
Muffler Color:Chrome
Muffler Diameter:4″
Muffler Finish:Chrome
Muffler Material:Stainless Steel
Muffler Style:Straight
Sold in Units:Set
Warehouse Part Number:1073871