Cobra 4″ Race-Pro Black Slip-On Mufflers



Description for Cobra 4″ Race-Pro Black Slip-On Mufflers

The 4″ Race-Pro Slip-On Mufflers offer advanced acoustical technology for the deep rumble riders crave. The muffler system is beautifully chromed, but what sets the mufflers apart is the unique black steel strap that is secured tightly around the muffler bodies. Race-Pro Slip-On mufflers consist of 3 inch baffle cores that are conjoined with Cobra’s proprietary sound tuning with materials with specific acoustical dampening and thermal insulation properties. 

• Black finish

• Features satin black laser-cut steel straps that tightly encircle the mufflers with built-in mounting straps

• The frequency and location of the perforation patterns in the cores creates significant sound scattering in the mid frequencies, which helps to enhance the low frequency tones

• 3″ cores for superior performance

• Acoustical engineering developments allow an incredibly deep sound


Product Specs for Cobra 4″ Race-Pro Black Slip-On Mufflers

End Cap Color:Black
End Cap Or Tip Color:Black
End Cap Or Tip Material:Aluminum
End Cap Or Tip Style:Straight Cut
End Cap Or Tips Finish:Black
Heat Shield:Not Included
Manufacturer Part Number:6216RB
Muffler Color:Black
Muffler Diameter:4″
Muffler Material:Stainless Steel
Muffler Style:Straight
Sold in Units:Set
Warehouse Part Number:1266323