Rinehart Moto Inverted Air Cleaner For Harley



Rinehart Exhaust Moto Series Inverted Intake For Harley

Packed with patented technology and precision engineering, the Moto Series Inverted Air Cleaner drastically improves airflow over stock filters and delivers uncompromising performance. Designed with the same level of quality Rinehart customers have come to expect, the Inverted Air Cleaner looks as good as it performs and is the perfect compliment to your Rinehart exhaust.


Highly-efficient hidden breather and virtually closed loop system

Inverted, pleated top and sides maximize airflow from all angles-not just the sides

Forged aluminum machined cover protects filter element and adds Rinehart Racing style

Synthetic water-resistant washable high-flow filter eliminates need for rain sock or oil


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