Scorpion RP-1 GP Exhaust – Suzuki GSX-R600 / 750


Titanium and carbon fibre construction gives bolt-on performance with huge power gains and weight savings over O.E. Designed for racing but is road legal for most applications.

Fitting Instructions

Expected power gain vs. original exhaust:
Motorcycle ModelIncrease (BHP)Suzuki GSX-R6003.98Suzuki GSX-R7503.14


Scorpion exhausts have been helping to win motorsport championships for over 20 years, consistently beating teams heavily supported by rival exhaust manufacturers. Those who follow motorsport, will most likely have seen the Scorpion support team in attendance at a huge range of motorcycle, and four wheel series, often without even knowing it. Their involvement in bike racing has always been strictly for development, not promotional purposes. As Scorpion moves into a new era, the intention is to adopt a higher profile with their motorsport program, providing the most relevant development environment to allow true technology transfer from track to road. In particular they intend to build on successes in the BTCC, Porsche Cup, VW Racing Cup, World Endurance, Time Attack and Superbike; plus off road sport including Rally, MX and Supermoto.


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