Welcome to our official blog and we hope that in the future we are able to provide you with some relevant content and video footage of the latest in product information and industry reviews for what’s happening from your favorite motorcycle brands to the racing scene on both a national and International level. I look forward to probably getting around to writing about 2 posts per week to include here in the blog for you to review and share if you would like. Please note the thoughts and opinions here are entirely our own and obviously will be based on some good solid research but we hope to keep the content fresh and original as that what our readers want. Look out in the near future for topics such as the following which can serve as a broad outline for what to except in the near and upcoming future

  • After-Market exhausts: Are they worth the price and do they provide the value in return
  • Harley Davidson and the state of the brand and its future direction regarding model production
  • How to install your new Vance and Hines exhaust – DIY
  • Is Vance and Hines Really the best exhaust option for your Harley Davidson or are there other sleeping giants you should get to know more about before laying out your hard earned cash
  • Racing: Lets look at the South African National scene and the state of racing nationally in our country
  • What is the best Sportbike slip on on the market currently – best bang for your buck
  • The influx of fake branded products and brands from China and the effect it has on the motorcycle market
  • Best Sportbike for the racetrack
  • Brand Spotlight: Each week I will do a product review on a selected product from one of our brands within our portfolio
  • Recommended Harley Davidson performance parts to get the most performance out of your Harley Davidson Motorcycle
  • A look inside big brand powerhouse Performance Machine and Roland Sands – Lets see what this mega comapny is up to.
  • Scorpion Performance exhausts and do they have a top ten standing in the world in terms of exhaust manufacturers
  • Brand reviews: Taking a look at a certain brands that are popular on the market as well as reviewing some of the upcoming brands for performance based motorcycles such as Superbikes.
  • The state of the South African motorcycle industry as a whole.
  • So as you can see I have given you guys a brief outline as to what you can expect from us in the upcoming weeks in terms of content outlay. Now this isnt to say that I will stick to the exact as per above but I feel these are topics that need to be addressed so that we can answer some important industry related questions and provide the reader or customer with a true and honest look at what is what. I promise not to be biased and will only provide feedback that is based on research orientated principals

In the mean time perhaps I could suggest taking a look at the following pages I put together which are in the form of Article / product pages – Follow the links below and you will be directed to each relevant page. Hopefully you will find a bit more information on each of these pages regarding our brands and also Ive thrown in a custom motorcycle section or page that rounds up on the custom motorcycle industry as a whole and then provides a bit of additional insight into the custom motorcycle suppliers that we have been dealing with over the years.

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