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South Africa’s longest supplier of Scorpion Performance Exhausts for over 10 years.

Roxstar Performance has been supplying Scorpion Exhausts for over 10 years. We have stood by this brand and think it’s absolutely awesome. The Scorpion Brand is not as commercialized as the likes of Akrapovik and others so you wont see one of these on every second Superbike. This makes the brand somewhat unique but exceptionally powerful as they manyfacture an awesome range of exhausts that will add all the correct benefits that come with installing an after-market exhaust system on your sportsbike or Adventure Touring motorcycle. Contact Roxstar performance today for further or additional information or assistance on this exciting brand.

scorpion exhausts south africa
Scorpion half system performance exhaust

Half-System Scorpion Performance Exhaust

Want a little more power from your motorcycle? A half-system is the perfect compromise, leaving the factory catalysts (where fitted) in place and bolting directly to the OEM system. Scorpion’s half-systems are designed for improved gasflow and sound, but leave the bike fully road legal and MOT ready.

Fullsystem scorpion performance exhaust

Full-System Scorpion Performance Exhaust

If you demand the best, a full system is the ultimate Scorpion upgrade. As the whole system is replaced there are no compromises, the ‘peak-flow’ design giving maximum performance across the board.

Bypass pipe for scorpion performance exhaust

Bypass Pipe Scorpion Exhaust application

A simple ‘bolt on’ upgrade which effectively removes the constrictive internal components found within most stock exhausts – whether a silencer or catalytic converter (depending on your bike).

Headers for Scorpion performance exhaust

Headers: Scorpion Performance Exhaust Application

High flow, light weight tubular headers developed using technology derived from our success partnered with top flight BSB teams.

Contact us about Scorpion Exhaust products

Please feelk free to contact Roxstar Performance regarding any Scorpion Performance Exhaust requirements or needs that you have. We have been supplying Scorpion Exhausts for over 10 years and can facilitate any requirements that you may have.