Brocks performance exhaust

Brocks Performance Exhausts

For the past 10 years Roxstar Performance has been a supplier of Brocks Performance exhausts throughout the African continent. We take alot of pride in the Brocks Exhaust Brand as we know that it trully does add so much horsepower throughout the rev range to all superbikes that we have installed this fantastic product on.  Brocks exhausts are available as a full system or Slip on exhaust and offer great dynamic power increases and weight savings.

Lots of people ask which Brocks exhaust is the right one for them? Well from our experience the alien head is the most popular and offers dynamic horsepower gains and other weight savings. The Alien Head offers an aggressive sound which is gonna get heads turning but its surely one of the best sounding performance exhausts on the market for your Superbike

Brocks Performance

 If you are looking for 100 % performance then we would Highly recommend the CT Series full Titanium exhaust range – These are brilliant. Keep in mind still that in terms of performance also look at the Alien head and Penta carbon which still offer brilliant hp gains.  The difference in performance that these exhausts offer really is marginal.

All Brocks Exhausts offer massive weight savings and I would say that in order to get the best feel for the actual Brand take a look at the Brocks Website which can be found at


So in a nutshell we highly recommend the Brocks Performance Brand to all our customer looking for HP Gain on a serious level as well as weight savings and proper sound! Roxstar Performance has been a supplier of Brocks Performance products for the past 10 years and we offer the following benefits when ordering through us.

  • Fastest delivery time 5 – 7 day waiting period for your performance exhaust
  • Best pricing – We will calculate a live quote based on latest exchange rate and are always open to negotiation.
  • Accurate feedback and technical support all the way!
  • Full garauntee on your purchase.


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