About Us

Roxstar Performance has been a pioneer in the South African Motorcycle industry since 2007.  We have supplied thousands of satisfied customers throughout the years with our premium motorcycle performance brands.

Our philosophy has always been one in which we have wanted to keep things simple and focus on getting the order 100 percent correct for the client. With the rise in E Commerce we looked at venturing into transforming the business model into an ecommerce one but decided to hold off on that idea as we still value personal communication with our clients. This is especially holds true for high value transactions where every detail is of absolute importance.

We prefer to offer a personailzed custom service specially tailored for our clients so that each individual who wants to purchase is given upmost attention. We realize that our products and brands are not cheap and we also realize just how vitally important it is to get the order specification correct. By keeping our traditional approach when dealing with customers directly we are 100 percent able to offer you the best service with zero mistakes made. This in turn ensures that we are able to get you the parts you want without having to concern yourself over whether or not you have ordered the correct parts and also whether they will fit your bike. Sadly we see many people falling victim to this through e commerce especially through bike parts supply. And when the goods arrive from the USA and dont quite fit trust us its a problem.

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Importing Motorcycle Parts since 2007

Ordering Process

The ordering process is quite simple. Basically we always like to deal directly with our customers to provide the highest level of personal attention possible.

Often the orders are for high value amounts and we realize that the best way to deal with such transactions is in a more personalized manner as opposed to an online store where you simply become another transaction number and fall into the process. We are very much dedicated to providing the highest customer service.

When ordering we always give a full break down on the details regarding your order as well as an estimated time of arrival for your products to arrive, We make use of premium international transport companies to ensure that your motorcycle goods arrive as fast and as safely as possible. Our lead time is roughly 1 week and we will always keep you updated on your order status and arrival time.

Also note all bike products purchased through us are under full warranty and there is no need to worry about any damage at all. Please feel free to reach out to us if you should have any further questions that we can attend to. We look forward to hearing from you.

Fully Trusted , Respected and Efficient service combined with World class motorcycle parts – Roxstar Performance

  1. Efficient
  2. Reliable
  3. Speed – Time to market
  4. Fully insured
  5. Technical backup and advice
  6. Always available
  7. Best pricing based on special shipment methods and trusted relationships
  8. Friendly and humble
  9. Nearly 20 years of dedicated service within the motorcycle parts industry
  10. We can be 100 npercent trusted